These are features that are:

  • a work in process
    • are not accessible through the creative menu cut can be accessed through commands
  • were never added and exist only as unused assets
  • were removed entirely from the mod

Grimoire of Gaia (Original Version or GoG1)

Mobs that existed only in the first version. They were either completely removed or replaced when Grimoire of Gaia 2 was released.

Credit goes to FryoKnight for saving and making these images. They were originally suppose to be called the Entity Encyclopedia but it was never finished by the time GoG2 was released.

Backpack Steve

The first mob and model created for the mod. Originally there was Vampire and Ghost Steves but unlike those versions, and this being the very first mob made, it managed to remain in the mod up to release.


A cactus. Unlike normal cactus, these followed and attacked the player.

Butler (Original)

The original design of the Butler. They spawned naturally with the Maid and Vampire in the Taiga biome.

Due to being setup as a summon mob in GoG2, the model was discarded and instead replaced with a player model.


One of the few supposedly magic mobs included in the mod. Supposedly, due to them using melee attacks.

It was eventually replaced with the Anubis.


They originally spawned along with the Butler and Vampire in the Taiga biome.

This was the basis for the design of the Maid Doll.

Stone Golem

The second golem type added, after the Cobble Golem. They originally spawned in Strongholds using block restrictions.

It was eventually replaced with the Cobblestone Golem and moved to the Jungle biome.

Tiger Girl

Spawned in the Jungle along with the Cobble Golem.

It was eventually replaced with the Hunter.

Vampire (Original)

The original design of the Vampire. Depicted as a rich girl or a girl of class, they spawned with the Butler and Maid in the Taiga biome.

By the time GoG2 was released, it was completely remodeled and replaced with the MGE Vampire.

Grimoire of Gaia 2 (Release Version)

These were supposed to be included with the initial launch of Grimoire of Gaia 2 but were never managed to be added.

Grimoire of Gaia 2 was meant to be a step up to its precursor by adding more mobs who complemented each other by following a theme per biome. It was also meant to add different sets of mobs to each biome.

Goblin (Original)

The Goblin was based on the MGE entry of the same name. It was not added due to the idea of how farfetched it would be for a goblin to look like this. A more traditional looking goblin was preferred.

As of version 1.6.7, an alternate Goblin has been added to the mod.


The Gorgon was meant to be a Tier/Level 3 mob for the Swamp biome. But due to the amount of water present in that biome defeating it would have been easy as it would never be able to catch up to the player.


The Karakasa was not added due to animation limits. Its design is based on a old umbrella and making it open and close would make it less convincing of it being one.

Mushroom Witch

The Mushroom Witch would have been the only mob to spawn in the Mushroom Island biome. But because the Mushroom Island biome is supposed to be peaceful, it was not added.

Dark Elf

The Dark Elf was meant to act as the male counterpart to a mob called the Elf. Due to the Elf being removed upon the release of Grimoire of Gaia 2, the Dark Elf was never added.

Incubus (Original)

The Incubus was meant to act as the male counterpart to the Succubus.

A model was never made for it and it exists as a unfinished texture file.

As of version 1.6.4, Incubus have been added to the mod as an alternate skin to the Succubus.

Winged Furnace

The Winged Furnace was meant to be an alternate version of a mob called the Winged Dispenser. It was meant to spawn in the Nether and unlike the Winged Dispenser that shot arrows, this would have shot fireballs instead. Due to the Winged Dispenser being removed upon release of Grimoire of Gaia 2, it was never added.

It uses the same model as the Winged Dispenser.

Unused Mobs


The Bear was meant to be a mob to be ridden by a rider mob. The model for the bear was made but not the rider. Due to how hard it would have been to code it, it was never added.


A dragon. There was no real plans behind its creation except for an attempt at modelling a dragon. Plans for it to be added to the mod seemed more unfeasible as timed passed due to the amount of code required to program it properly.

The model itself was never finished (missing wings and detailed textures on the arms and body).


The Ent was meant to be added to the forest biome. The problem was due to the large amount of height restrictions in the biome due to the trees present it was never added.


The Khepri was meant to spawn in the Desert biome and compliment the Anubis. Due to unexplained reasons, the leg animations never worked properly and thus it was never added.


A traditional catgirl.

It was not added due to the design being a combination between the Futakuchi-Onna and Jorogumo.

Shady Merchant

The Shady Merchant was meant to be a randomly spawning villager who sold items. Unlike most of the mobs listed, there is no reason why this was never added.

The design was based on the Merchant from the Resident Evil series.

Removed Mobs


Based on the MGE entry of the same name.

Garden Gnome

A Garden Gnome. They Lacked any AI and would spawn randomly in groups due to their high spawn rate in Forest based biomes.

They were replaced with a more functional mob, the Cyan Flower (Mandragora).

As of version 1.6.7, Garden Gnomes have been added to the mod as a block item.


Based on the MGE entry of the same name.

Giga Knight

The sole contribution made by the brother of the author of the mod.

This mob was removed in Grimoire of Gaia 3 due to its theming not being compatible with the rest of the mod. What was left was an item making reference to it.


Based on the MGE entry of the same name.

It spawned in the Extreme Hill biome and was replaced in favor for Dwarves.


Emerald Equipment

The Emerald Equipment were created to make use of Emeralds back when they were still new to Minecraft. Aside from being a form of currency, Emeralds served no other purpose when they were first added as mods did not utilize them enough.

They are meant to use the Emerald Fragments/Shards added by the mod and be slightly below Diamond in terms of material effectiveness.

Ancient Hoe

It was meant to be paired along with the other Ancient equipment (now removed). Due to its design, it was not added.


Several buckets were made to be included by the mod but were never added.

Debug Weapon

The Debug Weapon is meant to be used to test damage ranges. Originally used for the base model for the book weapons, it was later changed to resemble a classic revolver. As of 1.6.0, the model has been changed into a gauntlet.

As of 1.6.0 it can no longer be obtained.


The Skull was meant to act as a base for adding collectable vanity Bauble items. Unfortunately, the code was never properly executed. The only model for it is based on the Dryad.

As of 1.6.0, it has been replaced with Headgears. Headgears are currently only obtainable through the Creative menu.


The Card is a collectable item meant to be added as a rare drop to all 1st generation mobs (mobs who have existed since the first release of Grimoire of Gaia). The Dryad is the sole mob who has a card made for it.

As of 1.5.6 it can no longer be obtained. '