Additional Stats


  • Slowness III (Slowness) (0:20)
  • Night Vision (Night vision) (0:20)
  • Nausea (Nausea) (0:10)


  • Nausea (Nausea) Aura
  • When wet/in water
    • For every 5 seconds
      • Resistance (Resistance) (0:05)
      • Recovers 10% of its health
  • Immunity
    • Poison (Poison)
    • Knockback


  • Shovels
    • Note: Limited to shovels based on the vanilla shovels
  • Fire
    • Slowness (Slowness) (0:05)
    • Weakness (Weakness) (0:05)


  • Mandrake
    • Drop chance increased when defeated using a shovel

Rare Drops

Unique Rare Drops

Additional Notes

  • The Mandragora initially spawns as a Cyan Flower and has a 10% chance to spawn from one when destroyed.
  • In addition, a Cyan Flower can drop a flower or rose
    • It can drop a Mandrake when defeated using a shovel

NBT Tags



  • It has an adult form but by default it will always spawn as a baby.

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