Additional Stats


  • Levitation (Levitation) (0:05)


  • Randomly spawns the following mobs when a player is 6 blocks close:
    • Skeleton
    • Spider
    • Zombie
    • If the mobGriefing gamerule is false
      • Creeper
  • Spawned Skeletons and Zombies wear Headgear
  • Spawns up to 4 mobs
  • Any mob close to it receive Strength (Strength)
  • Avoids players until it can no longer spawn anything anymore
    • When it no longer avoids players, it will switch to Melee
  • Immunity
    • Fall Damage


  • Fire
    • Slowness (Slowness) (0:05)
    • Weakness (Weakness) (0:05)


  • Paper
  • Book

Rare Drops

Unique Rare Drop

Additional Notes

  • Despite not targeting a player, as long as a player is within its range it will start spawning mobs.


  • It is currently the only mob in the mod that inflicts Levitation.

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