Book and Quill

The configuration can be adjusted through the generated config file located in the config folder named GrimoireOfGaia.cfg.

Refer to the Guide page for the effects of adjusting the difficulty settings (Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard) in Minecraft.

Most of the configurations are self explanatory through the tool tips in-game. This page is meant to explain additional details about each configuration.


Modifies the health or damage of all mobs included in the mod.

  • 100
    • Default value meaning 100%
  • Less than 100 but greater than 50
    • Any number below 100% reduces the attribute
  • Greater than 100
    • Any number above 100% increases the attribute

It is suggested to use multiples of 5 or 10 and the number be an integer when modifying the values.

When reducing health, it is suggested to keep the value at a minimum of 50% (>= 50%). Any value lower may cause undesirable effects as a lot of mobs rely on their health value to execute events such as spawning or buffing.

Base Damage

All mobs included in this mod will deal an additional 1-2 (Half Heart-Heart) damage that bypasses armor. The damage is the same as the damage caused from a Potion of Harm (Magic damage). It does not completely bypass armor but does reasonably enough damage despite wearing armor.

Basically, what it does is:

  • Bypasses armor
  • Does not completely bypass enchanted armor with Protection

Note: A player who dies through harm damage will have a death message that does not include the name of the mob who committed the final hit. (Example. "x was killed by magic").

Damage Cap

All mobs included in this mod have a capped amount of damage that they can receive from a player. By default a mob can receive a maximum amount of damage based on their level before they are defeated:

  • Level 1
    • 2 hits
  • Level 2
    • 4 hits
  • Level 3
    • 8 hits

This was added to prevent mobs being instantly defeated and removing any challenge this mod imposes especially late game.

Spawn Rate

Spawn rates can be adjusted through the configuration file. The lower the number, the lower the spawn rate. Setting it to 0 disables the mob from spawning naturally.

It is recommended to adjust the spawn rates accordingly depending if the mob spawns during the day or night.

  • Day mobs = Greater than 10
  • Night mobs = Less than 100

The bases of these numbers are from the in-game mobs (prior to Minecraft 1.10+):

  • Animals (Day) (Chickens, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, etc) have a spawn rate set between 10-20.
  • Monsters (Night) (Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, etc.) have their spawn rate set between 80-100.

Spawn rates are difficult to deal with due to loading chunks. When initially loading a chunk for the first time, spawns tend to go extremely high compared to revisiting an already loaded or generated chunk.

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