• TheStimerGames

    Hello everyone! this is my present for this New Year: all those things that i created for Grimoire of Gaia 3! (Dryads colored in modded woods) (Dullahans colored in Terraria armor) (Colored Weresheeps (might become outdated because it's planning to be in mod) (Modpack that i used on map below (+ those textures on top)) (map with mini-laboratory an…

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  • TheStimerGames

    "Mob's models evolution" in past was simple fan-project in HoMM style - now it's official history of every mobs' models. Many mobs weren't changed so much, but some of them had a greatly redisign in past. In this blog you can see all these mobs' models through all mod's versions.

    Credit goes to Figures mod's author, because with his/her mod i get all visuals of mobs from 1.2.5.

    NOTE:Versions from 1.8.9 to 1.10.2 don't work for unknow reasons, so some mobs has *uncompleted* evolution. But when they start work again - i'll update.

    1. Anubis
    2. Dullahan
    3. Arachnid 
    4. Giga-knight (removed creature)
    5. Baphomet
    6. Minotaurus
    7. Succubus
    8. Cobble*stone* golem
    9. Hunter
    10. Bone Knight
    11. Mermaid
    12. Valkyrie
    13. Banshee
    14. Dryad
    15. Werecat
    16. Witch
    17. Harpy
    18. Vampire
    19. Sludge Girl
    20. Siren
    21. Shaman
    22. Naga
    23. Butler
    24. Ender Dragon Girl
    25. Ce…

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  • SilentMachine

    Wikia Update

    June 14, 2018 by SilentMachine

    Because of my current problem around modding Minecraft (see below), I decided to put some work into upgrading this wikia instead. Mainly replacing the old infoboxes with the latest, standard ones, cleaning code and adding more cut content and trivia.

    If you are curious about the current situation of the mod about the 1.12.2 update, I suggest reading my forum post here. It should explain why the mod is stuck in its current version.

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