The Grimoire of Gaia Wiki
Item Name Description Drop Image
Pearl Block A block made of pearl Crafted
Protection Talisman

Prevents mobs from spawning 8x8x8 blocks around it

Only affects Grimoire of Gaia mobs

Icon SpawnGuard.png
Garden Gnome A Garden Gnome Rare Drop from Mandragora
Block Garden Gnome.png
Mandragora Pot A young Mandragora Rare Drop from Witch
Block Mandragora Pot.png


A very young Harpy Rare Drop from Harpy
Decaying Web

A temporary Cobweb that does not drop String.

It eventually disappears after a random amount of time.

Decaying web.png
Campfire A temporary fire that does nothing but give off light. Unobtainable
The Gorgon A bust representing the Gorgon Rare Drop from Gorgon
The Sphinx A bust representing the Sphinx Rare Drop from Sphinx
The Valkyrie A bust representing the Valkyrie Rare Drop from Valkyrie
The Vampire A bust representing the Vampire Rare Drop from Vampire
Minotaur Bust A bust representing the Minotaur Rare Drop from Minotaur
Creeper Girl Doll A doll representing a Creeper Girl Rare Drop from Creep
Ender Girl Doll A doll representing a Ender Girl Rare Drop from Ender Eye
Slime Girl Doll A doll representing a Slime Girl Rare Drop from Sludge Girl
Maid Doll A doll representing a Maid Rare Drop from Dhampir
Dullahan Doll A doll representing a Dullahan Rare Drop from Dullahan
Mermaid Doll A doll representing a Mermaid Rare Drop from Mermaid
Nine-Tails Doll A doll representing a Nine-Tails Rare Drop from Nine-Tails


  • The Garden Gnome represents a past mob that was also called the Garden Gnome.

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